None of us want to hear the words CRATE REST from our Vets. But, the Vet prescribe this down time for very good reasons. The most important reason being that your pet needs it and that it is the best route for their recovery.

published: 12/Nov/2019 | author: renaye
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It seems as though it will be an uphill battle and that the end will never come, but believe me, it is probably worse for us humans than it is for our pets. Let’s look at crate rest from a pets perspective and how we can help them during this period.


Remember, your pet was used to their freedom and being part of the family. To be put in a crate after a traumatic experience can be unnerving. They might feel insecure and scared or have feelings of having done something wrong. This is where you really need to give love and attention and make sure you pet understands that they are loved and that the crate is a safe space.

There are simple things that you can do to make sure your pet is more comfortable:

    Make sure the crate is placed in an area that gives your pet the most visibility of what is going on in the house. Never place the crate in a room where your pet will feel excluded. They are pack animals and want to be part of the action, even if it is only with sight. Make sure it is not a place that will get extremely hot (the sun shining directly on them) or too cold (next to a window or door that blows cold wind on them all day). Also make the crate comfortable by adding their pillow or a blanket (this item must be washable as they will be spending a lot of time in the crate and accidents can happen).
    The first time they have to enter the crate, it is important to not just put them in and shut the door. Introduce the crate at a leisurely pace keeping the door open. Sit with them with your hand in the crate until they seem a bit more used to the crate. Once they seem more comfortable you can add items that will help them feel at ease. An important one that makes a real difference is adding an unwashed piece of clothing to the crate. The familiar smell will help them get a positive association with the crate and feel more at home. You can also add a soft toy or even a biscuit treat for encouragement.
    This is the most difficult one - I know from experience! It is very difficult to keep your pet in the crate when they give you the “why are you doing this to me” eyes. It is difficult because you cannot explain the reason why they need to be in a crate to your pet. But, being the alpha in the pack, you need to make the hard decisions for your pets well-being and make sure that the get the crate rest as prescribed by your vet. They will get used to the crate and a lot of clients have even mentioned that their pets miss the crate once it is gone. Do the time and it will be completely worth it. This decreases the chances for re-injury and any other future problems. P.S Remember that your pet needs regular potty breaks. Ask your Vet how many times your pet can be outside the crate and for what amount of time.


The good thing is it is only temporary. The day will come when it is all over and your pet will be back to their old self. The most important thing is to keep making the crate a positive experience and help your pet be as comfortable as possible during this period. Before you know it, they will be back to running around, catching balls or chasing tails.

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